Does your cPanel have malware? Find the solution to remove it

Does your cPanel have malware? Find the solution to remove it

Malware is nothing but an attack system where that collapses your work or steals all your information. Here’s a direct step to do malware removal from the cPanel.
  1. It is a must to take folder backups such as wp-includes and wp-admin. Take the original folders from the WordPress website and add them to your directory of root.
  2. Check the table wp_users because there is more chance of a hacker adding users newly without your permission. If you find any users oddly just remove them.
  3. Installation of plugins like Sucuri and Wordfence will help you to check the root directory. It finds whether all the files in the root directory are related to your work or not.
Note: If you find any unrelated files, without any hesitation just delete them from the root directory.
  • If you find something wrong in the plugin and theme, just change or remove the encrypted codes so that they would get reflected in files.
  • Go to cPanel and check the cron jobs. It may have injected files in the root directory without your permission.
  • Functions.php will tend to collapse the function.
Note: Keep on updating the plugin, themes, and WordPress so that it would authenticate the process frequently.

There are more types of malware, to know more about them look at below:

Cryptojacking malware: For mining the cryptocurrency this malware helps.

Rootkits: Your server remote control will be passed over to hackers.

SEO spam malware: It injects and displays wrong content in your ad and links.

Credit card skimmers and form jacking malware: From the form, it takes your details from your credit card.

Malicious redirects: It automatically redirects to another website where the hacker wants to get a margin.

DDoS malware: The server is turning into the node.

To tackle all these issues, just download the ImunifyAV which analyses and scans if any malware activities are found or not.
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