Do you want to increase the spam score in the cPanel email account?

Do you want to increase the spam score in the cPanel email account?

This article guides you to increase the way of spam score naturally. You were in a need to look out the spam score now. Based upon the one to ten scales, your spam score varies. If you get more scores, it means you have more spam. When comparing the threshold of spam score with the score of an email account, you will be recognized as spam. But still, why do you want to increase the spam score? Because it helps you to save from the extent of spamming the emails.

Here's the way of increasing the spam score:

Step 1:
Go to the dashboard of cPanel, tap on the option “Spam filter”.

Now, choose “Spam threshold score” for adjusting the values from one to ten.

1 – It helps to mark spam emails aggressively.
4 – Servers like well-tested use this option
5 – It is considered as default one
8 – Internet service providers use this choice
10 – Nominal spam score starts with the passive manner

We recommend you to fix with the score value 5 which is default at starting. Later, you can change the values based upon preference and need.

What other case to customize the scores with ideal choice? If you found the spam email stands with the filter till last then do it gradually to slow down the score.

Sometimes, you may mistakenly filter the spam from the contacts of legitimate emails. So, it’s a hint to keep on increasing the score.

Once you choose the spam score, then complete the process by selecting “Update scoring options”. Later, save all those processes.

That’s it! Increase the spam score with the above hints.
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