Do you often get Plesk unable to FTP Error?

Do you often get Plesk unable to FTP Error?

When you get an error in the ProFTPd version, immediately it shows an error as Plesk unable to FTP. Using a remote server, FTP works on programs of the client such as delete, write and read. One of the best working FTP servers is ProFTPd which is used especially in systems of Unix. We used to track the sessions of FTP using ProFTPd. Even ProFTPd will look after the support of ScoreboardFile. It helps to track the data of the FTP session. Sometimes, when you use FTP, the file might miss unconsciously. It gives an error called “Plesk unable to FTP Error”.

Scoreboard files have some data’s like a version of the daemon, uptime daemon, PID daemon, identifier format of scoreboard file etc.
  • Package removal and reinstallation:
You might get error like below: Check it out!

proftpd[11951]: fatal: ScoreboardFile: : unable to use '/var/run/proftpd/scoreboard': No such file or directory on line 74
Check the path /var/run to find the missing file of the scoreboard. Go through inside the folder of ProFTPd for the presence of the scoreboard. While updating ProFTPd, you will get an error in ProFTPd when you use Atomic repo.

Better remove and reinstall those packages completely from the location of Plesk repo.

rpm -e --nodepspsa-proftpd
plesk installer --select-release-current --install-component=proftpd
service xinetd restart
By executing the above command, you can resolve the problem immediately!
  • Scoreboard file path changes:
Incorrect mounting gives an error over here! tmpfs is mounted from the path /var/run. When the server starts reboot it automatically goes with the file delete. Better change the path of the scoreboard as /etc/proftpd.conf.

service xinetd restart
Use the above command to restart the xinetd.

We have given you two methods that are easy to handle and execute. Technical errors are very easy to sort out! Terms may differ but methods and steps are the same for better execution.
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