Do you know to Rewrite and Republish WordPress?

Do you know to Rewrite and Republish WordPress?

Instead of publishing new content, we do is just rewrite and republish the old content. It helps to save the time and effort you take. In case, if you were running large updates, you don’t have time to publish new content. So, better go for the changes in the old content rewrite and republish it. “

Here are the steps to rewrite and republish the content:

Step 1:
Do install the plugin “Yoast Duplicate Post Plugin”. Activate the plugin and now go to the post where you want to make changes.

Step 2: In the toolbar, you would have seen a duplicate post symbol. Just tap on it and choose the option “Rewrite and Republish”.

Or else

Overview the post title and now tap on the option “Rewrite and Republish”.

Step 3: Start making the changes in the post by rewriting the content. When you work on the content, you can stop the visitor to see the changes you made.

Step 4: Once done, tap on the option “Republish”. Now, you can see the new content visible in the old content. The draft which is old goes to the trash.

Some users will plan to republish the rewritten content on a specific date. To do this, move on to “Post settings” and select the date you want to publish the content.

Tap on the button “Blue Schedule” for republishing the content
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