Do you know to get and activate License Softaculous?

Do you know to get and activate License Softaculous?

To speed up and simplify the web application, one has to install Softaculous which is an auto-installer. You can use it in all control panels like DirectAdmin, cPanel, and Plesk.

First, install Softaculous on the server and then you can get the license for it.

Step 1: Go to the panel of end-user and log in using username & password.

Step 2: Tap on the icon “Softaculous” and move to the page “plan”.

Step 3: On the right-side corner, tap on the button “Enter License”.

Step 4: Enter the license and then tap on the button “Submit”. You will get a confirmation message once you enter the license.

Sometimes, you may get an error message while getting a license such as
  • License is not allowed in the server
  • License update not done properly
  • Licenses are not allowed in the account
Licenses are not allowed on the server: There is a lock in the server IP address. So, you need to follow the process first.

License update not done properly: In case, if you enter the license number wrongly, you will get this problem. So, go to softaculous for confirming the license number.

Licenses are not allowed in the account: As per like server, the license key has been locked even to this account. You have to start the process from the first onwards.

Follow up on the license correctly!
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