Do you have format issues? Forget about formatting while you copy-pasting into WordPress

Do you have format issues? Forget about formatting while you copy-pasting into WordPress

Format issues are a very common problem in WordPress. Some would find a solution and some won’t right! We all are learning technical codes daily so no prior attention to technical problems before. Whenever you copy content from a website or application or desktop there is more chance of copying unwanted text and paragraphs. The design you brought for a theme should match the content if not it may have an odd look. You might don’t have trust in styles and formats which gives you problems often. Leave all those things and get into this article for learning copy and paste contents into WordPress.

Why copy paste needed?

You can say copy-paste as a shortcut instead of typing each and everything in detail. We don’t have enough time to type by seeing one page of content to another page of content. To save time and effort, it’s a shortcut to copy-paste into WordPress.

Steps to copy from webpage or file:

Step 1:
Just highlight the content which you want to copy from one page to another. Then do right-click for multiple options.

Step 2: You can see the option “Copy” or use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+C”.

Step 3: To paste the copied content, right-click on the open space. You will get options and select “Paste” or use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+V”

Step 4: Here’s the note: While you copying the content along with this you can see the format also copied as it is. Sometimes, the format on the copy page won’t be user-friendly for the pasting page.

This kind of format may bring a problem to your new page. To avoid formatting issues, you can copy and paste separately or else go for the drafting option in WordPress.

Use tools like Google Doc or Microsoft Word to draft the content separately. This option will be very easy for you to check the content before sending it to the public. If you didn’t format the content it might lead to an error in page size and slows the website performance.

Block Editor for Copy-pasting content from Word to WordPress:

One of the straightforward methods is to copy from Microsoft word. WordPress accepts it proudly to copy from Microsoft word. It maintains features while copying from Microsoft Word to WordPress such as list, links, italic text, bold and headings, etc. It automatically ignores spacing and colors. Just copy the content from Microsoft Word and paste it into the block editor of WordPress.

If the content has an image then the block editor automatically sets the image block.

Block Editor for copy-pasting content from Google Docs to WordPress:

One of the best processing tools that help in easy navigation is Google Docs. No more confusion while copying content from Google docs and pasting it into WordPress. WordPress automatically corrects the text and space for copy-pasting content. Here, you no need to copy image separately from Google Docs instead it automatically fetches the image from Google Drive and paste into WordPress.

Use classic editor copy-paste:

The classic editor has the main advantage to ignore unnecessary code. Even if you copy content from Google Doc, you cannot see codes openly which are not useful. Classic editor will automatically dispose of unnecessary codes to avoid confusion.

Solution for fixing formatting errors in WordPress:

HTML – Using HTML, WordPress formats the text and space accordingly. To bold your text, you can use the below-mentioned code:

<strong>bold text</strong>
We recommend you use block editor for checking the format errors. If you click on the block, you can see the codes of HTML. Choose the block and so, you can see three dots displayed at the last. Choose the option “Edit as HTML”! This helps you to find the format used unwanted!

You can even use the “Edit visually” option for making changes.

In classic editor, you can format text by choosing the text tab.

Use Block Editor for copy-pasting content from Plain text:

You don’t have a separate process for copy-pasting content from plain text. Use keyboard shortcut for copy-pasting content such as:

For Mac users:
Use Command+Shift+V
For PC users:
Use Ctrl+Shift+V
This keyboard shortcut helps to paste content from plain text to WordPress.

Use the classic editor for copy-pasting content from plain text:

Search where the Toolbar Toggle button and then tap on the icon “Paste as text”. The format will be removed automatically while pasting the content.

I hope, you understood everything about copy-pasting content to WordPress by leaving the formatting issues.
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