Curl follow redirect

Curl follow redirect

  1. Bhawani Singh
    Curl is a command to redirect or transfer data to one server to another server. This command works without a user interface. It support various protocol like DICT, FILE, FTP, FTPS, GOPHER, HTTP, HTTPS, IMAP, IMAPS, LDAP, LDAPS, POP3, POP3S, RTMP, RTSP, SCP, SFTP, SMBS, SMTP, SMTPS, TELNET etc.

    If you are using curl command then you can specify URLs in the same command line and if you are using same website URL's then you can easily download all the URL’s using the same connection. it will provide you good performance.

    Curl follow redirect:

    To fetch a webpage we can use Curl fairly handy command. It’s also used in bash shell scripts for to automate various tasks. There is no option in curl for by default redirect. If you want to redirect curl then you have to use follow redirect command.

    Curl follows redirect in silent mode:

    To get a code from a webpage people mostly use curl in silent mode and then execute that code. In given below code you can learn how to use L flag with the curl in silent mode. This code is used to install IE virtual image on VirtualBox