Crashed mysqldump error 1194 table

Crashed mysqldump error 1194 table

You would have received an error by saying “mysqldump error 1194 table is marked as crashed”. It says you to repair the crashed mysqldump error 1194 table! You might knock with the multiple reasons for the occurrence of error mysqldump.
  • Most probably it will in and around the server crash.
  • The forceful shutdown of MySQL database.
  • Another reason for having low disk space.
The database is stored on a hard drive right! If there exist the space issue then the hard drive low space gives you mysqldump error. MySQL itself takes the responsibility to repair the crashed one without third applications help. Roughly, you cannot pinpoint the error in one check. You need to take a deep analysis of the mysqldump error location.


You can try to find the error with the type of queries like
  • Table handler #### error
  • Changes that gives tablethatwasworking.frm error
  • Couldn’t identify the file of tablethatshouldbethere.MYI
  • Crashed recording files
  • File closed unexpectedly
  • Inability of finding tbl_name.MYI
To identify the crashed tables MySQL server uses myisamchk

# myisamchk -s /var/lib/mysql/*/*.MYI
You will get a message like below:

MyISAM-table '/var/lib/mysql/dbname/table_name.MYI' is marked as crashed and should be repaired

This command itself runs as the tool to resolve the crashed tables without your help. In case, if you didn’t get the expected result then do stop on web service for requesting new one:

# myisamchk -r --update-state /var/lib/mysql/dbname/table_name.MYI
–update-state – This command makes the mark on the checked tables by indicated “Checked”.

Do restart on web service and MySQLd for repairing the crashed table. The errors are removed and restoration takes place.

If at all, still you are not satisfied with the work done by MySQL then do more with the backup you would have taken before. It gives you immediate repair mode!
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