Are you getting the error “A database owner with the name already exists”? Do you know the reason behind it? Let’s see why the error displayed while you sign up cPanel.

Introduction about cPanel:

On the days, when we started to design the website the term cPanel has been introduced for the set up. cPanel is nothing but the control panel for web hosting. The simple and elegant panel to store your program as per your website design. It runs on three tier architecture – admin, reseller and user end. Quite interesting isn’t it? The cPanel has a methodology to run further with server under virtual private or it would be dedicated server. Without the cPanel you can’t edit or design your website. Now you would know why cPanel is important!

cPanel account creation:

Your website control panel is verified with the account creation. It’s must to identify the people who create the cPanel for their work related purpose. You have to create the account and whenever you need changes in the website you can edit it in the cPanel. But some case, the user would delete his account and through cPanel WHM and he wants to create the account again. Now he would get the message as:

“Account creation status: failed”
“A database owner with the name <account name> already exists”
Do you know why this error has been displayed? You have deleted the account previously but the problem is your files are not removed completely. The deleting script doesn’t work the best in cPanel. We give you the solution:

There are two solutions to remove your previous account where you found some traces. The first method is by deleting your previous files and second is by removing the username.

Solution 1:

A foremost said is you have to delete all your files completely when you are about to delete your previous account. Some users would be failed to remove the files which you have runned through cPanel. This is the major cause to have the message saying “database error and exist with username already”. No worry guys! Follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Go to >> var >> cPanel >> databases.

By doing this you can find some entities for account which you have deleted.

Step 2:

 <Account name>.cache
<Account name>.yaml
Just delete this for your previous account removal and you can create the new account using cPanel WHM. By deleting the above cache and yaml file your previous account will be deleted completely.

Solution 2:

The next method is to delete your username along with your entries in cPanel.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3: Once if you removed the above entries please run the command below:

userdel –f<user>
Note: Now your files and accounts are removed.

Hereby folks! We have given you some solutions to rectify the problem whenever you create a new account and to delete your previous account. This method will give you the perfect solution to solve all your problem.
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