Change Mail server IP for any blacklisted server

Change Mail server IP for any blacklisted server


Exim send email from its server primary IPV4 address. Sometime those emails that are sent from IPV4 server primary address are rejected by end users like google, yahoo etc. The reason for this is due to poor reputation of server IP address it is getting blacklisted. You can see if your server IP address is blacklisted by visiting the website There may be other issues that is not related to your server IP address if you do not see your server IP not blacklisted in the website. You should need to act if you see your IP address in blacklisted list suspend the spammer who made your IP in blacklisted. There are alternate options as well to use another IP for your mail servers.

Steps to Change the Mail IP address

1) Add your IP to your Mail sever

2) SSH to your server to edit the file etc/mailips

3) The new IP that you are providing should have a good reputation.

4) Add a RDNS (Reverse DNS entry)

Follow these steps in WHM

Add an IP address to the server


To do this through WHM first you need to login and find the Home Screen. Under Home Screen you need to find out the IP function then click on the Add a new IP address


Add IP address to the email server

SSH to the server

# vi /etc/mailips *: (IP address of the server)

Add a reverse DNS entry (RDNS)

# vi /etc/mail_reverse_dns HOSTNAME


Re start the Exim service for the configuration file to take effect

# /scripts/buildeximconf

# service exim restart
Final step is to login into WHM panel and follow the instruction for using the new IP to trigger mails
  • Go to Home and Service configuration
  • Then click on Exim Configuration manager
  • Find the basic editor selection then select the domain and IP address
  • Turn on Reference/etc/mailips for outgoing mail
  • Then Save the changes
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