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Cannot connect to error in Rvsitebuilder

Cannot connect to error in Rvsitebuilder.

There might be various issues to access your website. Let us put a short list what are the reasons behind website inaccessibility.
  • DNS incorrection settings.
  • Issues in network connection
  • Expired domain name
  • Blank index file
Expired domain name: When you start creating your new website along with that the lifetime of your website will be decided. Default website link will be allocated after the domain expiration. Its must for you to renew the website immediately. You can renew it by yourself or get help from your domain registrar.

Some users will love to redirect the website link to another link. But it is not the correct way to reach out customers. Eg: if this is your website link, it may redirect to some other website as per your settings. To stop doing this, kindly go to the control panel and from that choose domain option.

In domain option, choose manage redirects. Change there for more settings.

You would have uploaded public_html file along with the password. Be sure, setting up password will interrupt customers too. They won’t prefer login up the website every time to visit your website. Disable it and cross check in .htaccess file.

Host providers can check the port 80 is opened or not. As per regulations, port 80 should be opened.

Main thing is cross check the server whether it has your website or not. To check the website in server, follow the below steps:

Step 1: With your username and password login to cPanel. In cPanel, choose the file manager and public_html.

Step 2: Here, you have to create a new file called test.php.

$domain = '';
$ip = gethostbyname($domain);
if ($ip == $domain) {
echo '<p>IP address for ' . $domain . ' is undefined.</p>';
} else {
echo '<p>IP address for ' . $domain . ' is ' . $ip . '</p>';
$domaintest = '';
$ip = gethostbyname('');
if ($ip == $domaintest) {
echo '<p>IP address for ' . $domaintest . ' is undefined.</p>';
} else {
echo '<p>IP address for ' . $domaintest . ' is ' . $ip . '</p>';
In web browser, type If it opens, you can fetch the IP address. If it doesn’t open, then it remains as undefined.

Call your host provider to solve the problem!
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