Are you getting error 504 gateway timeout in Wordpress? Let’s fix it

Are you getting error 504 gateway timeout in Wordpress? Let’s fix it

Are you getting error 504 gateway timeout in Wordpress? Let’s fix it

Whenever you get a blank screen error in website – you too will be blank. The website displays a blank screen with the ‘504 gateway timeout error ‘especially in WordPress. To speed up our website, we are using the proxy servers as a tool and next is the web server. Here, the proxy server first takes the action and then it sends to web server.

In few cases, the backend server will give a late response to the proxy server. At the time, it says ‘504 gateway timeout error’.

There are various ways to identify ‘504 gateway error’. They are:

Display 1: 504 gateway timeouts
Display 2: Error 504
Display 3: Gateway timeout error
Display 4: Nginx 504 gateway timeout
Display 5: A blank white screen

Note: The above displays are messages sent to WordPress directly by saying you have timeout error. If you get any of one display error, then you have ‘504 gateway timeout error’.

Let’s see the ways to fix the error:

Method 1: Let us check the issue from client point of view:

We cannot say the entire error is from only server but in some cases, client might set misconfigurations which might result in timeout error. If the client doesn’t configure browser properly, any issues from network device, mismatch settings in proxy server, VPN service incorrection and firewall issues.


1. When your WordPress hosting server overloaded try to clear browser cache and then reload the website.
2. Cross check your VPN service, network devices works properly or not. You can even load the website from another browser too.
3. Check whether the proxy server works properly and delete DNS cache previous history.

define (‘WP_DEBUG', true);
define (‘WP_DEBUG_LOG', true);
define (‘WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', false);
Method 2: Issues in DNS:

When you migrate to new server from previous one; your website will display blank screen. DNS changes will take some period to update the changes. Just confirm whether DNS changes have been completed or not.
Solution:Use the dig command to find the DNS changes: dig +trace

Method 3: CDN issue:

To increase the website load time, website owner use CDN as a main tool. If it doesn’t configure properly then your website screen will be blank, or it displays 504 error.
Solution: Sort out CDN performance and then load it again.

Method 4: WordPress database corruption:

Corruption occurs in website when someone hacks the information from the website. It might lead to 504 error.
Solution: Check the database by using mysqlcheck code:

mysqlcheck -r DATABASE TABLE
Method 5: Restrictions in Firewall:

Firewall is a common security check. If it is not configured properly then you will get 504 or blank screen error which implies timeout error. Consequently, firewalls will have certain guidelines to follow the rules. If we cross the guidelines it will automatically throw error.

Solution: Try to overcome the guidelines or simply use server security specialist tool to remove those guidelines directly.

Method 6: Network issue:

If your website has a repeated traffic level, then the apache servers will respond slowly. In this case, your web server will get HTTP request in late.

Solution: Trouble shoot your network connectivity easily.

Method 7: Proxy server timeout:

If your proxy server gives late response, then you will get 504 or blank screen error.

Solution: Check the parameter level by applying the following code:

Method 8: Origin server activity:

Proxy servers usually waits for origin server response. It results to load spikes by compromising server activity, brute force attack or DDos, website traffic etc.

Solution: By identifying the abusing resource your website will be free from 504 or blank screen error.

Method 9: Plugin problem

When you use plugin with incompatible or outdated it will lead to 504 error.

Solution: Try to reactive the plugin and confirm whether the problem rises from plugin or not. You can connect the servers through FTP. At last, set new name for plugin and then activate the plugin as per the list in your website. Still if the error occurs then change the theme to older version and check.
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