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Adding Tooltips in WordPress: A Complete Guide

Tooltips are an excellent addition to any WordPress blog or post. These are added information that are displayed when an user hovers over a certain text. This way, they can better understand the context and get more clarity.

If you run a WordPress website or blog, you can make use of Tooltips. In this article, learn how you can add Tooltips in WordPress.

How to Add Tooltips in WordPress: Step-by-Step

You can achieve this feat by adding a plugin, which is the WordPress Tooltips plugin. It’s a free WordPress plugin that uses jQuery to display the floating container.

To get started, you need to install and activate the plugin. Once done, here are the steps you need to follow:
  • Go to Tooltips > Add New
  • Provide a title for the new Tooltip, which is the keyword on which the tooltip will be highlighted. Please note that adding this would display the tooltip everywhere the keyword appears
  • If you want other keywords to display this tooltip, then add those in the ‘Synonym of the keyword’ section. Add a pipe symbol in between keywords in case you’re adding multiple keywords
  • Now write the content for the tooltip in the content section. It can be a few words long or comprise of a few sentences, depending on how much information you want it to have.
  • Hit ‘Publish’ once you’re finished
Now the tooltip is added to WordPress. Reload the page and hover over the text. You should see the tooltip information.

Adding Tooltips Using Shortcode

Another method to add tooltips to your WordPress website is by using shortcodes. It’s a better option if you’re adding shorter tooltips or when you want to show it just once rather than in every page and blog.

To add tooltips using shortcode, open the page or the post where you need it. Then, locate the position where you want to add the tooltip and add the following shortcode:

[tooltips keyword="MYKEYWORD" content="MYTOOLTIPCONTENT"]

Replace MYKEYWORD with the keyword and MYTOOLTIPCONTENT with the tooltip content. Save the changes and exit.

Now when you reload the pages, you should see the tooltip for that keyword.

So that’s how you add tooltips in WordPress.
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