“Installation failed: The site is experiencing technical difficulties." Wordpress Error

“Installation failed: The site is experiencing technical difficulties." Wordpress Error

Whenever you try to install updates in website or cPanel; there might be some technical problem which is difficult to analysis the exact controversies. It is very often to receive the message as “Installation failed: The site is experiencing technical difficulties. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions”. Many users are not convenient to handle this problem and so, they will be trying to install the updates again and again.

Rolling back to the site, this problem may be very simple so, simply follow the troubleshooting steps and find out where it went wrong. Before starting up any process, kindly take the backup of the website and also be aware to do any changes in the website.

One must be qualified to follow and know the process for making changes. In this article, we will discuss on three solutions to fix this problem:
  • Plugin installation delete or disable
  • Php version and Php memory limits increasement
  • Versions in software.

  • Plugin installation delete or disable:
Plugin which you updated recently doesn’t have capacity to fix with your WordPress version. While fixing this problem, the website may break at any point. This is just an instruction and move carefully further. Check the version of recently updated plugins and try to delete and install it again consciously. Or else kindly disable it once and start next process. Check whether everything goes well after disabling the plugin.


  • Php version and Php memory limits increasement:
Step 1: Login as administrator in PHP config section in cPanel. Go through all settings and check whether it is set as low. If it is low, then change it to maximum.

Step 2: Set the Php memory limit to maximum and don’t set it as low.


Step 3: Change the setting post_max_size/upload_max_filesize as maximum from low.


  • Versions in software:
Software are updated frequently with recently released versions. At each interval, versions are released with all major and minority changes. Developers should monitor all version quality and quantity based on their site opinion. It is must to update the software version which is in update.

Do perform all the three solutions and be conscious at all stages. It might be risky if developers are not experienced.
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