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Sync sent folder across all devices

Sync sent folder across all devices

One of the broadminded ways to keep your sent mail folder in synchronization is suitable for few instances. But in many cases, it fails to show the simplicity behind applications in mail. There were three ways to make it simple:
  • In all devices, its must to use IMAP as mail application
  • Decide one folder and name it as sent folder in the server
  • Make one folder as official folder for sending mails and configure it using the server.
Why sent folder needed?

Adding mail account in your device is very common. In that case, kindly configure the sent folder because some applications with old version consider the work process of sent is assumed as the work process of sent messages. Sometimes, server takes the responsibility to store the sent mails and so, no requirement needed for device to recognize the sent folder.

Let us see how to sync across devices one by one:

  • Mac OS X 10.6 – 10.11:
Step 1: First open your mail and select the option called preference. You might have more accounts so, choose the account for which you want to sync by choosing the option accounts present at the top.

Step 2: Secondly, click on the tab “Mailbox behavior” and it opens up with a message to check the box “store sent message on the server”. Preference window work is over and so, close it.

Step 3: Save all the process. Finally, have a check whether the sent folder in server is configured correctly.

  • iOS5: iPad, iPod touch, iPhone:
Step 1: Open the app settings and select the options calendar and contacts. Choose the mail account which is present below the IMAP option.

Step 2: At the bottom, there is a option called advance. Just click on it and choose mailbox behaviour choice. From that, select “sent mailbox”.

Step 3: In the server section, cross check sent option is checked or not.

  • Mac OSX 10.12 Sierra:
Step 1: Choose the option mail> preference> account option located at the top.

Step 2: In the account section, exactly on the right there is a tab called “mailbox behavior”. Once if you click it and then choose sent mailbox. Here, you have offline folder “on my mac” deselect it.

Step 3: Close the preference and save the work process.

  • Windows Outlook 2007
Step 1: In the outlook, choose tools and then accounts. Choose the account and click on change option.

Step 2: New window opens up and choose more settings. From there, choose folder such as choose an existing folder and finally click on save button.

Choosing the server for synchronizing sent message. Do the best and choose the best!
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