Blog comments are one of the most famous methods in Internet ranking. People used to submit spam comments to promote their website in the blog comment section. There is a common question on how to avoid or how to protect it? After getting a deep analysis on spam comment it is proved that search engine doesn’t valuate spam contents. In that case, it may affect the performance of the blog. So, it must protect your WordPress blog from spam by following methods:


Akismet is the tool which is famous all over the world to protect WordPress blog from spam comment. This tool helps to increase the performance of the WordPress website by focusing on functionality and flexibility.

Follow the below steps to install the Akismet plugin:

Step 1: On your dashboard left side, you can see a list of menus like post, media, pages etc. Choose plugin from the list so that it will show you three options such as installed plugin, add new and editor. Select the option “add new”.

Step 2: Type the word “Akismet”! That’s it! You can install it in your WordPress account. Once the installation process goes on, you have to connect the database using the API key.

Step 3: By now, you can see a highlight “Set up your Akismet account”. This process helps you to get API key because without using API key it’s not possible to get connected easily.

Step 4:Akismet used to get much information from your end. So, don’t use your test account instead use your original account. You would have get API key by now so kindly tap on the approve button shown next to it.

Step 5:Akismet will ask you to login using a WordPress account. As I said before, use your original account to fetch information from your end. After clicking on the approve button, it will start to get details such as username, email id, name and other relevant information.

Step 6: Or else, you can create a new account it’s a rule to use an only existing account. Also, Akismet has different pricing strategy like basic, plus and enterprise. Based on the requirement, you can choose basic or advanced value.

Step 7: If you want to get an advanced option as well as support from their team of course it’s must choose a paid account. Add your name once if you choose account eligibility.

Step 8: In this step, it will ask you to activate the website. Tap on the option “activate this site”. To connect with the database and your account you must enter API key here.

Step 9: Finally, tap on the button “Save changes”. This will help you to protect the WordPress blog from spam comment.

Akismet is not the only option for you! You can try the other two plugins like WP-SpamShield and wpDiscuz.

WP-SpamShield: It will also help you to protect your blog from spam comments. Not only spam comment works on bot simultaneously with humans too.

wpDiscuz: Consider it as a replacement of the comment section in WordPress. Because using this plugin you can set up your blog comment page accordingly. It gives security features like eliminating bot communication and captcha interface.

How to reduce spam comment using WordPress?

You might ask a question here why I should download Akismet instead to use WordPress as one methodology to reduce spam comment. The choice is yours! You can use whatever gives you more comfort.

Search setting option at the left side of your dashboard. It shows you 7 options including Akismet. Choose the “Discussion” option! Using this discussion menu, you can control the blog comment by who can post and who cannot post the comments.

In this discussion part, there are two processes such as blacklist content field and moderation. This would help you to delete phrases or words before it shows in public.

Finally, you found more option to avoid spam comments in your WordPress blog. Use it as per your convenience.
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