1. K

    Do you want to increase the spam score in the cPanel email account?

    This article guides you to increase the way of spam score naturally. You were in a need to look out the spam score now. Based upon the one to ten scales, your spam score varies. If you get more scores, it means you have more spam. When comparing the threshold of spam score with the score of an...
  2. K

    The message may not be delivered; Considered as spam

    The email which you sent is not delivered to your recipient. It is indicated as “Spam”. Technically its shows a 505 error and so, you will get messages that it was rejected by local scanning code. You can consider it as positive as well as negative. Yes! You are being protected from blacklisting...
  3. bhawanisingh

    Steps to prevent spam comments in WordPress blog

    Blog comments are one of the most famous methods in Internet ranking. People used to submit spam comments to promote their website in the blog comment section. There is a common question on how to avoid or how to protect it? After getting a deep analysis on spam comment it is proved that search...
  4. bhawanisingh

    How to improve your Email delivery

    Very common problem among hosting problems facing by hosting providers these days is issue of user mail not delivering on other server end. It make both end people annoyed and frustrates the server administrator also. As, there is no clear indication for the reason of mail failures. Now, here i...