Simple steps to upgrade Moodle

Simple steps to upgrade Moodle

Simple steps to upgrade Moodle

What is Moodle?

A Moodle is said to be one of the top-most advanced level of management system in learning. In simple terms, you can mean it by saying the course management system or learning platform. It has a free open source management learning system which is consolidated by General Public License.

To get touch with the latest trends you must update your knowledge as well as the software on time. There is no excuse for both the turnings so; it’s just to learn how to upgrade Moodle for your system. Some used to say “It’s a very difficult task to upgrade Moodle” but in reality, it just goes under few cross-checks.

No chaos for your database! Don’t touch your database for upgrading Moodle instead it just takes a few minutes to copy the new file to the old one.

Let us see what the steps to upgrade Moodle in short terms are:

  • Backup – Of course important for all technical services:
Before upgrading to your new system just back it up without suggestions. It’s a first step for you to start upgrading. The old version will be useful to restore all your settings. We recommend important backup settings such as:

  • Database of the Moodle (dump database)
  • Data files of the Moodle (Go to the server and then Moodle data)
  • The software of the Moodle (Go to the server! Select htdocs and then Moodle)

  • Requirement checkings:
For a good Moodle functionality, the requirement plays a major role. For example, Moodle 3.3 has a recommended requirement only so, it helps to execute easily.

Here’s the main requirement for Moodle functionality:

MariaDB or MySQL: UTF-8 should have the full support of DB

Get v9.3 for PostgreSQL

Choose PHP extensions like fileinfo and OpenSSL

Choose PHP versions like up or v5.6.5
  • Testing comes in the third level of enhancement:
We are well known for the testing period. Before launching the website or any product, there will be a testing process to cross-check all the functionalities. Likewise, we request you to take a copy of the site at first so that you can name it as test site later. Try the changes and updates only in the test site!

The test site is the precaution for your original site. It doesn’t affect your original site at any cause so; you can have a solid trust on test site.
  • Do check with the maintenance mode frequently:
While the Moodle upgrade process goes on, you have to enable Maintenance mode which helps to share the right situation for the viewers. The customers will have a regular check to ensure the availability of maintenance mode. When you see the website, it is displayed with the message “Under maintenance”.
  • New file upload:
Now, you have taken the backup and enabled maintenance mode too. The next step is to upload new files into the server. Override old one to new one so that, your database doesn’t ask you to edit manually. It all goes in one type of manual settings.
  • Take files from the old backup:
There is a need for you to copy all the files from the old backup. You can ask why? The Moodle has changed to the new version. As said before you were asked to take up the backup for copying older files. Now, you are in the position to copy old files to the new version.

The explanations of the files are:

  • Config.php
  • Plugin installed already (Do check the plugins are supported in new versions)
  • Themes installed already (New version will have new themes. So, check the themes are available to change or not)

  • Edit the Moodle Dashboard:
Once if you complete the new file copy just go to Moodle dashboard. You have worked there to complete the Moodle upgrade. Don’t forget one thing! Your website is under maintenance now so; you are allowed to log in using URL login.
  • Disable Maintenance mode:
By now, your Moodle upgrade will be over. So, disable the maintenance mode to go for a live version. Check how your new Moodle upgrade works!

That’s it! No technical works or no more command execution. The given 8 steps are very comfortable to make changes. Spend 5 minutes to upgrade Moodle in easy terms.
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