[RESOLVED]: Error "554 no smtpd here"

[RESOLVED]: Error "554 no smtpd here"

Getting annoyed of email errors? It is tough to handle the situation when you get the error “554 no smtpd here”. Hope, you will be more comfortable to send emails right? How the recipient receives the mail from the sender? Viral ideas help here!

A sender sends the mail but it doesn’t go directly to the recipient inbox. In between the sender and recipient, there are two acts of sequence such as sender’s mail server and recipient mail server. So, two servers act in the middle of the sender and recipient. There is no assurance that all the emails will be transferred directly into the recipient mail server. It takes the responsibility to check the phases of all fraudulent activities if exist.

The recipient mail server throws a bounce message if the sender authentication fails.

The bounce messages may get varied based on user ability:

51-4.0 554-NO SMTP service 451-4.0 554 bad DNS PTR resource record


554 No SMTP service here

554 No smtpd here554: host refused to talk to me
In this article, let us see how to fix the solution for 554 smtpd here error:

  1. May be IP reputation condition is poor:
Exactly! It happens because of the sender IP address is very bad in condition. There are so many reasons to get a bad IP reputation such as mail server behaviour is not satisfied, relays open to all and spamming too. In this case, it triggers the systems to get blacklisted when you trace the spam activities.

Solution: Firstly, you need to clean the IP address by identifying the source of the error. Try to resolve it for the submission of delisting request. But usually, it takes around 2 – 3 days for acceptance.

  • DNS record in Bad mode:
The server of the recipient checks the sender DNS record for security reasons. We are naming few DNS record for your references such as PTR, DKIM and SPF. If any mismatches exist then it fails to send the mail.


It has a formal procedure to start server validation. For example, A server directs to IP address so that the reverse DNS will be the same. The spam mails will be sent from the mail server that is not up to the mark or virus-infected personal computer. Such an IP address won’t have a record called PTR.


To stop email spoofing, the better choice will be DKIM. DKIM helps to verify the valid sender domain by uploading the digital signature along with the domain name in the email. If the sender doesn’t have a proper DKIM record then it rejects the mail without hesitation.


Again, to authenticate the sender activities SPF plays a major role. SPF has a set of IP address which sends the mail on the favour of domain. So, if you get an email from a sender it automatically checks the IP address from the maintained set only so, it permits sending mail to the recipient.

Solution: Choose an un-guessing name! It should be difficult for default entry to identify the name.

Errors in recipient:

There is more number of reasons behind recipient error such as filter configuration, blacklisting, disable or suspend mail account and improper entry or MX.

Solution: Check the MX entry using below command:

dig domain.com MX
Cross-check the recipient mail server have proper connection using below-command:

telnet domain.com 25
Here comes the conclusion! Finding the solution for 554 no smtpd here is a very difficult task but at the same time, it’s an awesome experience for you to deal with this problem. Gaining a piece of new knowledge is a gift from the god! We are here to help you in any situation whatever may the technical problem. Thank you!
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