[RESOLVED] Error: “554 5.7.1 Relay Access Denied” Email Error

[RESOLVED] Error: “554 5.7.1 Relay Access Denied” Email Error

“554 5.7.1 Relay Access Denied” Email Error occurs when the Email Sender fails any security check or the Email Recipient’s Email Server is not configured correctly. When an Email is sent, it passes sender’s mail server and then recipient’s mail server and if any of these two servers reject the mail then this error is shown to the sender.

How To Resolve This Error as a User :

If you see this error as a user then first of all you should verify all your email settings. You should also check that you have the proper authentication like Username, Mail Server, and Password. Another check which you should perform is that whether you want to use SMTP Authentication or not and you want to use POP before SMTP. If you want to use POP before SMTP then switching from one network to other (it causes IP Address Change) may cause this error and you can try or not. If SMTP is not enabled then you should contact with your email provider and ask them regarding the SMTP and make them correct authentication.

How To Resolve This Error As Owner Of The Server :

This Error can be found as a Mail Sever Owner when a user of your server tries to send an email or any other Email Server User sends an Email on a user on your Mail Server. In your server’s log files you will see the below lines -:

2017-09-09 12:25:29 1btaGg-0004ei-Mf ** username@domain.com R=dkim_lookuphost T=dkim_remote_smtp H=server.com [] X=TLSv1.2:ECDHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384:256 CV=yes: SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<username@domain.com>: 554 5.7.1 <username@domain.com>: Recipient address rejected: Access denied
  • User Authentication System Failed : As a mail server if you find that all your end users are facing this error then it's possible that your User Authentication System Failed. In this case you should check over all the server authentication configurations. Sometimes server software updates also causes changes in configurations and thus you should always check the configurations when ever your server gets any update.
  • Authentication Database Is Corrupted : Some Servers saves Password, Username, and Authenticated IP Address in their database. If that database gets corrupted by any reason then you should repair it. If you want to repair the database (check the "smtp_poplocks" table and repair it if it’s broken) then you should the command line given below.
mysqlcheck -r psa smtp_poplocks -uadmin –p
  • Mails From 3rd Party Failed The Anti-spam Checks On Server : If some from any other Email Server is sending Email to a user on your server and your server's spam filters rejects that mail then in your log files you may see entries like mention below -:
2017-09-09 12:25:29 H=(yourserver.com) [xx.xx.xx.xx] sender verify fail for <youruser@yourdomain.com>: response to "RCPT TO:<youruser@yourdomain.com>" from senderserver.com [yy.yy.yy.yy] was: 554 <youruser@yourdomain.com>: Relay access denied
2017-09-09 12:25:29 H=(yourserver.com) [xx.xx.xx.xx] F=<youruser@yourdomain.com> rejected RCPT <senderuser@senderdomain.com>: Sender verify failed
This error shows that yourserver.com domain rejected an email from sender like senderemailserver.com just because of spam rule which is called Sender Verification Callout (Sender Verify)

You can disable the Spam Rule which causes this error. You can also add trustworthy servers into your server white-list to resolve this error (this will allow all mails from the server without any spam check). Third and last thing which you can do is that you can ask the sending server to re-configure their server and make it compliant to your server's anti-spam check.
  • Mails From Your Server Fails The Anti-spam Check Of Other Recipient's Server : If this happens then you should check the headers of the bounce email as it will give you some details about why it was rejected.
  • The End User’s Mail Client Is Incorrectly Configured : Most of the time, this error only comes because of End User’s Incorrectly Configured Mail Client. You should contact with your client (end user) and correct their Mail Client Configuration.
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