How to open ports in windows firewall?

How to open ports in windows firewall?

How to open ports in windows firewall?

We are in an up-to-date world! What is our highest priority while comparing with few techniques in the machine? Here, I am using machines like computer, laptop and server. Security is one and only solid reasons to prevent hacking. Stopping out malicious circumstances and ethics to track our resource is a must. One can easily hack the server by using multiple techniques available in online or even offline folks! Here, I recommend you to use one simple solution is Scope.

Scoping Ports:

Scoping ports is defined as allowing an only trust-worthy IP address to access your server. There are so many ports along with number identification. For example, Port 80 is open to all users as well as Port 3389 is not advisable for your office use.

How scoping firewall works out?

If you are the static IP address user then no need to worry about using a scoping firewall. Every object has some positives and negatives. So, likely mean to static IP address otherwise use Cloud VPN. Using Cloud VPN, you can easily access the scoping firewall.

Let us see the steps to scope firewall Windows:

Step 1: Use the remote desktop connection to the login server. Tap on the icon of Window and then go to the search bar. Enter firewall word in the search bar. You will get an option called “Windows Firewall with Advanced Security”.

Step 2: After clicking on the Windows Firewall with advanced security, choose Inbound rules to see few rules that you have set up already. Rules that are already running will be displayed in a green tick mark.

Step 3: Go to properties of the rule to tap on the Scope tab. In the scope tab, you can see two options such as local IP address and remote IP address. Select the remote IP address to choose “These IP address”.

Step 4: Enter your IP address and then finally tap on the OK button.

Folks! We have completed the scoping Windows Firewall. Only four steps to begin and complete. Do the best and feel the best!
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