1. K

    SSH Dedicated Server Connectivity

    Connecting your dedicated server using SSH might be a difficult task for you! It requires minimal work of command-line interface execution. The first step is to add your IP address to the firewall and so, you can connect dedicated server easily. How to add IP to the firewall? Step 1: Take a...
  2. K

    How can we create firewall rules in Plesk?

    Login to Plesk. Click on “Firewall” under “Security” tab. Here you have to click on “Firewall rules” tab. Now click on “Add Firewall rules” to add any rule. You can also check created rules under firewall rules.
  3. bhawanisingh

    How to open ports in windows firewall?

    How to open ports in windows firewall? We are in an up-to-date world! What is our highest priority while comparing with few techniques in the machine? Here, I am using machines like computer, laptop and server. Security is one and only solid reasons to prevent hacking. Stopping out malicious...
  4. bhawanisingh

    How to install and work with CSF plugin?

    How to install and work with CSF plugin? WHM has few rules and regulations. To edit the rules in WHM, Config server is used to alter the iptables. It has few features such as login, Linux server use security mechanism, intrusion detection mechanism, SPI (stateful packet inspection). You might...
  5. bhawanisingh

    How to configure a firewall rule in Plesk?

    To set a particular rule in plesk there is different pattern. If you are on shared hosting and you required any changes in plesk firewall then you need to contact your support team. How to Set Up Firewall Rules in Plesk In Plesk 12.x: To configure a firewall rule in your plesk first login to...
  6. bhawanisingh

    Useful CSF commands for Linux Servers

    CSF(Config Server Firewall):- CSF(Config Server Firewall) is a Firewall application which is mostly use by Linux server. It provide various options to control and manage Linux server Firewall through commandline and control panel. CSF configures linux server firewall to manage access to FTP...
  7. J

    How to Install and configure APF (Advance Policy Firewall)?

    APF: APF stands for Advance Policy Firewall is an application for protecting server. Many other firewall applications are available for protecting server in linux that is CSF [Config server firewall]. APF is firewall system that is based on netfilter. APF designed according to latest internet...