All about this common error as well as its solution is detailed in the following text.

About Error – 404 Not Found :

This error can be seen invarious forms such as "404 Error", "404 Not Found", "404 Page Not Found", "HTTP 404 Not Found", "The Requested URL Was Not Found on This Server."Generally this error is shown on white screen with simple black text but it can also be customized.

The meaning of this error is that: “The Webpage You Want to Reach is Not Found on the Server.
  • This means that either the page has been removed or you have entered a wrong Web Address. Sometime Server Problems also deliver this error.
How to Resolve This Error ?

1. Simple Steps :
  • Refresh The Requested Page: First of all you should try to reload the page as this error can also occur if just because the page wouldn’t load.
  • Clear Browser Cache and Cookies: The other thing which you should try is to clear the cache and cookies of the browser.
  • Double Check the URL: You should also recheck the entered URL as if it has any mistake then correct them and this error will be resolved.
  • Scan for Malware: Malware can also occur this error so you should also scan your device for Malware and clear them all.
2. Advanced Steps :
  • Contact the Webmaster: If you have done all the above steps then you should contact with the webmaster about this error. If you are the owner of Website then you should contact your hosting provider for more information.
  • Deleted Pages: If you are a Website owner and some pages (such as product page etc.) of your Website are deleted then you should redirect the deleted pages link to any other page of your Website else when a user will type the URL of deleted page then he/she will get this Error.
  • Mange Permissions: Sometimes this error comes along with the statement that “You don’t have permission to access…” which means there are problems with the permissions. You can change the CHMOD Permissions via FTP or contact with your hosting provider to change the permissions.
  • Memory Limit Issue: If your host has Memory Limit Issue then 404 Not Found Error may occur.If you found this situation then contact your host and ask them to increase your memory limit.
  • .htaccess Problems: .htaccess file has configurations which can also cause this error. To overcome this you can change the file manually or ask your host to do so.
  • Incorrectly Configured SSL Certificate: If your SSL Certificate is not set up correctly then you may get 404 Not Found Error. You should check the SSL Certificate as well as you should also ask your hosting provider to do this.
  • Disabled mod_rewrite : An Apache Module which allows you to customize your URL’s is mod_rewrite. When you turn on Friendly URL and get this error then it is possible that you not have enabled mod_rewrite on the server. If this is the problem then Install the mod_rewrite correctly and enable it.
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