Best Ecommerce Platform Comparison Shopify Vs Magento Vs Woocommerce Vs Opencart Vs Prestashop

Best Ecommerce Platform Comparison Shopify Vs Magento Vs Woocommerce Vs Opencart Vs Prestashop

While choosing the ecommerce platform we have to be very careful. We must be very careful in choosing the shopping cart. It should meet the demands such as it has to be profitable and the functionality has to be developed. Now a days we live in the world where the market provides you thousands of offers where we feel that one is better than the other. In this we can find the difference between the popular ecommerce such as shopify, magento, woocommerce, opencart and prestashop.


The one of the shopping cart serves as shopify. In this site all the codes are being handled, however, the codes can be controlled by you using the site (HTML & CSS). At present shopify serves as the best ecommerce software and is trusted by over 325,000 business man. The main advantage of this shopify software is it has a unique features and it has a groundbreaking execution. Recently it has been incorporated with Amazon, this amazon serves as sales channel from where the products can be sold to the admin of shopify. It acts as user-friendly. This offers a 14 day trial for free, after the trial pack you can subscribe for monthly package.


The most flexible platform of the ecommerce is Magento. For craftsmanship it acts as masterpiece of software, the tech-savvy owners are offered unlimitedly by this software. This software is incorporated with paypal, here both the companies are owned by Ebay. It is not user friendly as shopify. Magento 2.0 has become comprehensible still it has not clear solution. The prices of the Magento has two options one is CE (community edition) which can be downloaded and used freely, here there is no monthly subscription. The CE is best suited for small or medium sized business. The other is EE( Enterprise Edition) which is suited for large scale business.


The world’s most respected ecommerce software is woocommerce. This open source solution is extendable and adaptable. In this the code available is free and it can be modified, viewed and contributed. This has a high level user friendly and it is challenging than shopify. All the basic features of the ecommerce are adaptable in woocommerce. It has a free ecommerce plugin. The extension pricing starts from $29 per one. The complication of woocommerce is less compared to that of the magento. The designs of the woocommerce are better when compared to that of shopify and magento.


Opencart acts as a open source platform and is used for small or medium business. This software is supported by PHP. The opencart follows the model of open extension. This act as multi-store function, the users is managed and it monitors the stores of different from a single Admin. The user-friendly of opencart is fair, the platform has high intuitive and is well designed. When compared with magento it is easy but compared with woocommerce it is a bit difficult. This can be downloaded, used and updated freely.


The market’s leading cart serves as prestashop. When compared with the complexity of magento and the simplicity of shopify prestashop acts as golden one. The advantage of this is it is free to download and use. Prestashop accounts to about 250,000 stores across the globe according to the official statistics. The unique features of prestashop that makes it impressive are intelligent merchant; KPI and forecasting. The two elements that define prestashop are it has front office that is customized and a back office that is simple. The SEO features of prestashop are great and are used for many purposes.
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