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Are you getting “554 black list repeatedly? How to fix the blacklist?

What is 554 blacklists?
The 554 is the SMTP error processed by the email server.

What is the reason behind 554-blacklist?
Nowadays, we all are running in a technology-based environment. The days have been passed by sending the message in the form of SMS from mobile and so, it becomes a wild trend to send messages in the form of emails. In a day count, we are getting at least of 50-80 emails from that 75% of emails will be spam. This becomes a major problem to protect our security by adding a few mechanisms.

Many mail users will often get the SMTP error which states “554…”. This is very common as such the user would have blocked the sender IP address just to reject the mail. In such a case, it is called an email bounce. Periodically, few users would be very cautious to receive spam emails. By blocking your IP address, it doesn’t let you reach the user directly. This is processed in terms of filtration. When the users blacklist the sender IP address, the emails sent by the sender will automatically get bounced. The email bounce is also a signal to state that IP address of the sender has been blacklisted.

Actual happenings:

The 554 SMTP error occurs when the user server blocks the email to the reason of IP blacklisting. Once if the user adds the security mechanisms to the server, it first checks whether the sender mail is from the clean server or not. If it is out of spam version, then it accepts automatically. If it is of spam version, then so, the mail will be bounced automatically to the sender.

Here’s the statement to show SMTP error:
The following recipient (s) could not be reached:
recipient's name on 3/27/2019 8:17 AM
554 blacklisted (
Let us see the ways to fix the blacklist problem 554:
  • Firstly, let us confirm whether our IP address is blacklisted or not. Using backlisted toolbox, we can identify our IP address easily by placing our IP address in the search box. This process will confirm the IP address is blacklisted or not.
You can check the blacklisted IP address through this link:
  • Secondly, if the account activity is predicted as abnormal then it should be suspended. There are few reasons for spamming such as hacking or email comptonization. There are few web server log checkers, to find a website that has been hacked. Suspending the account helps us to avoid spamming.

  • Now, we have suspended the malicious account and spamming process. The third step is to request the user to delist the IP address by narrating the problem clearly. The user might give us a chance to remove the sender IP address from blacklist list.

  • The delisting process might take one or two days to accept the request. Until then, the user can support engineer’s functionality to get a clean server by replacing the old one.
Herewith, we have given a few solutions to overcome 554-blacklist SMTP error. Make use of it present and future!
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