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    Steps to duplicate Wordpress website

    Cloning – This word is very familiar in medical as well as technology too! Getting a replica of a product or some other formation is said to be cloning. Technically, we used to call website replica website cloning. Why cloning is needed? For some reason, we cannot use up the original website for...
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    Steps to change email account password in Plesk

    You can reset email account password in plesk with below steps: Login to Plesk. Click on “Email Addresses” option and after that click on particular email account of which you want to change password. After that you will see the password field, you have to enter the password in it. Also you can...
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    Steps to set default page in Plesk

    You can follow below steps to set the default Plesk page: Login to Plesk. Click on “Websites & Domains” and then click on “Virtual Directories”. After that choose “Directory Properties” to add default page. Here you will find “Use Default documents” checkbox, just select this and add default...
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    Enable SPAM filters in cpanel

    If you don’t want to spam mails in your email account then cpanel provide you option SPAM filters from which you can get rid of unwanted spam mails. Here are the steps: Login to cpanel. Click on “Spam Filters” under “Email” section. You have to enable spam filter as by default they are...
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    Steps to configure custom MIME type in cpanel.

    MIME type stands for multi-purpose internet mail extensions and they are used to indicate the nature and format of a document. Login to cpanel. Click on “MIME Types” under “Advanced” section. Here add MIME type which you want to add.
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    Steps to check hidden files in cPanel

    As we know, dot files like .htaccess files are hidden by default in cPanel. If you want to make changes in your .htaccess file then you have to made changes for it. Login to cPanel. Click on “File Manager” and then click on “public_html” folder to view files. Here you will find the “settings”...
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    Change the path of addon domain in cPanel:

    If you don’t want to use the default the addon domain path then you can check this article and learn how to do this. Login to cPanel account. Click on “Addon domains” under Domains. Now you will find the edit (pencil like) option under “document root”, click on it. Here you can set the...
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    You will get this error when try to upload large files like images, videos, themes or other media files. If you are also getting this issue then you can follow below steps. Login to cPanel. Click on “File manager” and then click on “public_html” folder. Here find wp-config.php file and add...
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    Can we change Wordpress theme from PHPMyAdmin?

    Always we change Wordpress theme from Wordpress admin area but if it’s not possible to access admin panel due to any incompatibility then you can change your Wordpress theme through database. You can follow below steps to change Wordpress theme. First of all you have to take the backup of your...
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    Steps to change date and time in wordpress

    Here are the steps to change date and time in wordpress : Login to Wordpress admin panel. Here click on “Settings” and then “General” option. You can set the time zone, date format and time format. From the Timezone dropdown option you can set the time zone. Under date format select the...
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    How to know about upload and download speed of server?

    How to know about upload and download speed of server? We have heard so much about the server role on our website. There is nothing possible without a server in this internet trend. It’s time to know more about server performance as many would doubt fixing the speed test. How to determine the...
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    How to reset admin password in Wordpress dashboard?

    There are various methods to change the wordpress admin password. Here we are discussing the reset the password in wordpress dashboard. Login to wordpress admin panel. Click on “Users” option in left side. Here you can find all the created users and you can select which you want to user for...
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    Everything you need to know about HTTP/2

    What is HTTP/2? HTTP/2 is a protocol used widely to increase the performance of the website or else you can say like boosting up your website. This article will be very useful for users who want to use HTTP/2 protocol in upcoming days and users who are already using it. You may think like users...
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    How to enable Leverage browser cache in Wordpress?

    If you want to speed up your Wordpresswebsite then you have to either you can download Wordpress cache plugin or you can add expires headers in .htaccess file. Let's see how to add Expires headers for your wordpress website: Login to cpanel. Click on "File Manager" under "Files" section. If you...
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    Steps to install ClamAV plugin in WHM

    Install ClamAV Plugin from WHM You might have gone through many antivirus scanners. But in ClamAV, there is a special feature to get along with all the detection like malware, virus, and Trojans. This anti-virus engine is open source for all users so, no worries about the user-friendly concept...