How can we redirect or forward email in mailenable?


Staff member
You can follow below steps to redirect email in mailenable:
  • Open MailEnable.
  • Click on “Post Offices” to expand it.
  • Then click on particular domain and then click on “Mailboxes”.
  • Now you are able to show all the email accounts.
  • Right click on particular mailbox which you want to forward and then click on “Properties”.
  • Click on “Redirection” tab and then check the checkbox “Redirect this mailbox to”.
  • Here you will find “Add” button, click on it and then enter your email account name.
  • Click on “Ok”.
  • You can add 5 email accounts as you can make multiple redirection.
  • Tick the “Keep a copy of message in mailbox” and then click on “Ok”.