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  1. K

    Protect a WordPress Page or Post with Password

    If you’re using WordPress to build your website, then taking adequate security measures is a must. In a few cases, you may feel the need to protect a particular page or post. Well, in WordPress, it’s very much possible. You can set passwords for such pages or posts and prevent unauthorized...
  2. K

    Changing the No. of Posts showed on Your WordPress

    Are you intended to change the no. of posts showing on your WordPress website? Before we know about how to change the post numbers on your WordPress, we just have a look at how to create a WordPress website in detail. Changing the No. of Posts showed On Your WordPress: Step 1: By default...
  3. bhawanisingh

    Adding The Posts Via Email In Wordpress

    Adding The Posts Via Email In Wordpress Do you have a WordPress website? Have you been facing challenges trying to upload your content? This article will solve your problems. WordPress is the most comfortable and most efficient and powerful blogging and website context created as a blog...