1. K

    Steps to check Mysql database size via command

    Login to SSH via root. Now you have to enter below command: mysql -u username –p You will see password prompt you have to enter password of your database. You have to enter below command to display all the databases and also you can see its size in MB. You can use this command to check single...
  2. K

    How can we change Mysql root password via WHM?

    You can follow below steps to change Mysql root password: Login to WHM. Click on Mysql root password under “SQL services” tab. Now you have to enter new password of your Mysql database. You have to use STRONG and COMPLEX password for your database as everyone can access database. Do not use...
  3. K

    Steps to connect Mysql database via Mysql Workbench

    Mysql workbench is an Mysql client tool which helps to connect Mysql database. You can easily connect with mysql database from your computer with this mysql client. Here are the steps to use mysql client: Install mysql workbench and then open it. Click on “New Connection” and you will find...
  4. K

    Everything You Need to Know About MySQL Query Caching

    Caching can significantly improve the performance of your website manifold. Your site visitors will experience faster loading speed and personalized content. But one caching mechanism in particular can greatly enhance the website performance which is Query Caching. If you’re using MySQL, then...
  5. K

    Steps to start and stop Mysql server

    You can find the start/stop scripts in the /etc/init.d location in your server. You can run below command to start your Mysql: /etc/init.d/mysql start Similarly, you can run below command to stop mysql server: /etc/init.d/mysql stop In cpanel server your restart script location is...
  6. K

    Fixing “The Server Quit Without Updating PID File” Error in MySQL

    If you’re running your website or application on a Linux server, then you should learn a thing or two about MySQL. Otherwise you’d constantly be bothered by errors like the “The Server Quit” error. When firing up your MySQL server, you’ll notice a error message flashing on the screen which...
  7. K

    Steps to enable slow query log in MYSQL

    Sometimes, you can see the performance of the website is slow down abruptly. You might be confused about the reason behind the slowdown of website performance. One hectic reason is slow MySQL queries which act as the main reason for website slowdown. It doesn’t stop with slowing down the...
  8. bhawanisingh

    Commonly Used MySQL Functions You Must Know

    Commonly Used MySQL Functions You Must Know MySQL is one of the most popular databases used all over the world for storing data. Developed by Oracle Corporation, the “My” part comes from the name of the daughter of Micheal Widenius, co-founder of MySQL, while SQL stands for Structured Query...
  9. PradeepJangid

    How to run Laravel without Artisan Serve Command?

    1. Create local directory in your project directory. 2. Move all files and folders except public directory in the local directory. 3. Move all files and folders from public directory to project directory and remove public directory. 4. Open index.php file and replace require...
  10. H

    How to change the database engine of a MySQL database table from MyISAM to InnoDB?

    You can run following SQL query in SSH or PhpMyAdmin : ALTER TABLE tablename ENGINE = InnoDB;
  11. bhawanisingh


    Turn Off SQL_MODE - ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY SQL standards says that GROUP BY clause should have table columns, not expression. But MYSQL always allows expression in GROUP BY clause. “Expression #1 of SELECT list is not in GROUP BY clause and contains nonaggregated column ‘db.table.col’ which is not...
  12. bhawanisingh

    [RESOLVED] MySQL Error : "Your Password does not satisfy the Current Policy Requirements"

    Error Your Password does not satisfy the Current Policy Requirements One can set many variables for validating a password. The password policy has to be strong if not you will get “Your Password does not satisfy the Current Policy Requirements” error when to try to set any password in MYSQL...
  13. bhawanisingh

    How To Secure MySQL Server On Cpanel?

    MySQL is among the most common database servers majorly used on Linux the operating systems. It is technically very strong. All the modern applications based on Joomla, WordPress, Magneto, or e-commerce, work very well with MySQL. When MySQL is integrated with Cpanel it is even easier to manage...
  14. bhawanisingh

    How to check MySQL version ?

    Are you trying to check out the MySQL Version on Linux server but dont know exactly how? here is the solution of this problem. MySQL only supports some features in particular version umber only. If you are facing such kind of problem then here are different ways to check MySQL version number...