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    Steps to set FTP connections in winscp

    You can follow below steps to set the concurrent connection limit through: Open WinSCP and go to the Preferences section. Next to "Other general options" click on the "Preferences" button. Go to "Transfer" >> Background. In the right pane, simply edit the value next to "Maximal number of...
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    A Complete Guide to Transferring WHM Backup to Remote Server Using FTP

    Backups are an integral part of managing a web hosting account. It’s recommended that you take backups before making changes to your website and from time to time. If you accidentally wrongly configure the settings or delete something, then you can use this backup to restore the website. There...
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    Increasing file limits of FTP visible is a tough task?

    If you are using an FTP client, then it would be easy for displaying files in numbers specifically in cPanel’s PureFTP. Of course! It’s a default process to see files in numbers. You have a limitation of viewing the files till 10000; no restrictions for viewing till 10000 files at a time. If you...
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    Linux FTP Commands with examples

    FTP: FTP or the file transfer program utility which is mainly utilized to share or transfer the files in a local machine and in the remote networking machine while using the file transfer program. If we explain it simply it mainly copies and transfers the files, which are mainly done between...
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    How to set default files and folders permission/ownership in a cPanel account

    You always have this basic awareness for you the cPanel account if you want to manage. The folders and files which are in the cPanel account must have properly predefined permissions and also the ownership. When any changes made to these ownership and permission which may cause to stop the...