add ip address

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    Steps to add IP address on Centos server

    To add IP address on CentOS server you first have to go to network configuration directory: /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts Now you have to create a file ifcfg-eth0:1, but if you already have many other IP addresses then you have to add file with next increment for next IP address. Now add...
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    How can we add IP address in WHM?

    You can add additional IP address in WHM if you have dedicated or VPS server. Login to WHM. Click on “Add a new IP address” under “IP Functions”. Here you have to enter new IP address and subnet too.
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    Steps to add new IP address in Plesk

    You can follow below steps to add new ip address in Plesk. Login to Plesk. Click on “Tools & Settings” and then click on “IP Addresses” under “Tools & Resources”. Now you can see other options, click on “Add IP Address”. Here you have to enter IP Address and subnet mask in field. You have to...