Steps to install SSL certificate on MailEnable


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MailEnable is a Windows based mail software which helps to create and manage email account. If you want to install SSL on MailEnable then you can check below steps:

Here we are assuming that you have already generated CSR and installed SSL certificate in IIS.
  • After that open MailEnable.
  • Now you will “localhost”, right click on it and hiton “properties” button.
  • Here you will get “SSL” tab select it and select Default SSL Certificate.
  • To reflect change you have to restart MailEnable SMTP Service.
  • Under “localhost” you will find “Service and Connectors” option, expand it and then Right click on SMTP >> Properties.
  • A new window will appear where you have to click on “Inbound” tab and under “Inbound TLS” you have to check the checkbox for “Allow Clients to establish secure sessions via STARTTLS.”
  • To apply changes click on “Apply”.
  • Now click on “Settings” under “Port Settings”.
  • For SSL port settings you have to enter 465 port. You can also consider using port 25 and 587.
  • Restart SMTP Service.
  • Now right click on IMAP and then “Properties”.
  • Here click on the checkbox “Also listen on alternate port” and also check “Require SSL”.
  • Restart IMAP service.
  • Now right click on POP and then “Properties”.
  • Here click on the checkbox “Also listen on alternate port: 995” and also check “Require SSL”.
  • Restart POP Service.