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    Steps to activate SSL certificate in cpanel

    You can follow below steps to activate SSL: First you have to login into cpanel. There you will find “Generate CSR & Private Key option”, click on it. Now you can give that CSR to your SSL provider and purchase SSL certificate, you can also contact your hosting provider regarding SSL. After...
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    Steps to install SSL certificate on MailEnable

    MailEnable is a Windows based mail software which helps to create and manage email account. If you want to install SSL on MailEnable then you can check below steps: Here we are assuming that you have already generated CSR and installed SSL certificate in IIS. After that open MailEnable. Now...
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    SSL Certificate expires in less than 30 days

    If you get email notification of your Secure Socket Layer Certificates is going to expire. In this case you can follow below steps: Login to WHM. Here click on “Manage Secure Sockets Layer Certificates” under “Service Configuration”. Now you will click on “Reset Certificate” and check your SSL...
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    A Complete Guide to Using Let’s Encrypt Along With Drupal 8

    Let’s Encrypt is a popular, free service by the Internet Security Research Group that offers SSL and TLS certificates. If you’re using Drupal to power websites, you need to choose whether to accept HTTP connections or only HTTPS connections. You can make such decisions in the cPanel. In this...
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    Magento 1.x SSL Enablement

    SSL certificates offer an extra layer of protection for your visitors when they sign up, check out, or engage in any other activity that requires them to disclose personal information. By handling your information of credit card, for example, consider encrypting any sensitive data and...