Steps to add website in IIS windows


Staff member
You can follow below steps to add website in IIS;
  • Login to Windows VPS.
  • Click on Start >> Run >> type inetmgr.
  • Click on “IIS Manager” and you will find connections pane.
  • After that you have to right click on “Sites” and click on “Add Web Site”.
  • You can add your website name which you want to set.
  • Here you can select different application pool and choose desired application pool from drop down and click ok.
  • Now will have to enter the path of your website and you can also choose browse option.
  • You can choose the protocol from dropdown.
  • Now its time to enter some more details, enter your port number and default port is 80 for all websites. So you can choose default port. And enter host header name in the Host name box.
  • After all steps select Start immediately checkbox and at last click on OK.