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    Steps to upgrade PHP version in Windows VPS

    According to requirement we have to upgrade PHP version for our web applications. But the important thing is to update the PHP version without affecting the current websites. In this situation we have to upgrade PHP version 5.3 to 5.4, let’s see few steps: First login to Windows VPS and after...
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    Steps to connection with non standard port to Windows VPS

    On any server if you are using default port then attackers must be target your website or server easily. Like if you choose default port for Remote desktop services then intruders can easily attack your website. Windows default port is 3389 and most of the server uses this port. To resolve this...
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    Steps to add website in IIS windows

    You can follow below steps to add website in IIS; Login to Windows VPS. Click on Start >> Run >> type inetmgr. Click on “IIS Manager” and you will find connections pane. After that you have to right click on “Sites” and click on “Add Web Site”. You can add your website name which you want to...
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    Block particular IP address through IIS from accessing the website

    If you want to secure your website from accessing the particular IP address then you can do this in IIS Web Server. For that you can follow below steps: Login to your VPS server and open IIS Manager. Locate Administrative Tools >> Internet Information Services Manager You have to expand the...