easyapache 4

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    Easy update from EasyApache3 to EasyApache4!

    You would have done the installation of cPanel! Along with the installation of cPanel, you have the advantage of using EasyApache. The feature of EasyApache includes more benefits like updating components of servers such as Apache modules and PHP versions, configures and installs automatically...
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    A Complete Guide to Saving a Custom EasyApache 4 Profile

    EasyApache (EA) is an excellent in-built tool provided in WHM/cPanel that you can use to configure your Apache web server. You can access it either via SSH or WHM. EA4 has a few default configurations, but you can make changes to it. The configurations are known as Profiles. As you make changes...
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    How to Install DSO With mod_ruid2 Using EasyApache 4?

    If you want to increase the speed of your website or web app, then you need to use DSO. DSO stands for Dynamic Shared Object. It is one of the many modules available in Apache to handle the PHP scripts. It is also one of few modules available for handling PHP. Since Apache does not natively...