1. K

    A Complete Guide to Disabling AutoSSL Email Notification in cPanel

    If you’ve been using SSL certificates to protect your website from online attacks, then you must have receive email notifications regarding the validity, expiration of the certificates in cPanel. That’s because of AutoSSL Email Notification system. It notifies users regarding the status of their...
  2. K

    How can we enable AutoSSL in WHM?

    Cpanel provides free SSL certificates to all the cpanel users. And it will also automatically renew. You can follow below steps to enable Autossl in WHM. Login to WHM. Click on “Manage AutoSSL” under “SSL/TLS”. Select “Manage Users” tab and search for desired user. Now click on “Enable...
  3. bhawanisingh

    How to install Free AutoSSL on Hostname in cPanel/WHM server?

    How to install Free AutoSSL on Hostname in cPanel/WHM server? Let’s encrypt – ISRG runs the let’s encrypt which is termed as non-profit certificate authority. It gives free certificate to TLS which longer 90 days validity. Their mission is to enhance the security and privacy part for HTTPS...
  4. bhawanisingh

    How to resolve AutoSSL DCV failure issue?

    Sometimes, your server management services will show an error such as Auto-renew have failed for unknown reasons. This statement is officially displaying as AutoSSL error message. There was a general happening between the IP address which is stable and unstable. If the domain gets the IP...