Steps to schedule backup on server with Plesk control panel

Steps to schedule backup on server with Plesk control panel

Do you know to schedule backup with Plesk cpanel? If not, let us tell the procedure and steps to schedule the server backup automatically. Follow the article step by step to understand the concept clearly.

The commercial control panel to host the website is called “Plesk”. It has the feature to administrate the server, entries of DNS, accounts of email and reseller. This was designed by Novosibirsk, Russia and introduced by Plesk Inc. This plesk control panel identifies the resource-allocation and the creation of client website templates is done by administrative only. It has an exclusive support to authorize, develop, backup, DNS and domain.

In this article, we are going to learn - how to schedule backup on server with Plesk control panel?

Step 1: Login to the Plesk control panel and search the “Tools and Utilities”. Once if you find the tools and utilities click it and choose the “Backup Manager”.

Step 2: Now choose the “Schedule”.

Step 3: Again choose the “Activate this backup task” tag box and you will have below listed options as drop-down menu.
  • First option: To choose the time estimation and execution of backup.
  • Second option: To choose the incremental forms and configuration time sequence.
  • Third option: To choose the time frame and to remove backup files?
  • Fourth option: To include the database, content, configuration of mails and user files to the backup.
  • Fifth option: To proceed only with the domain backup.
  • Sixth option: To store the backup file in the server or FTP storage.
  • Seventh option: To set up new FTP configuration.
  • Eight options: To get the alert if you find some issues while doing the backup.
  • Ninth option: To suspend the backup depends upon the file size. Specifically on Windows, you have Microsoft SQL server database to run the backup with native functionality backup.
Note: You have to select the one statement according to your requirements.

Step 4: Tap the Ok button.

How to configure the schedule backup immediately?
  • Firstly go and choose the tools & utilities. Select the “Backup Manager”.
  • Choose the “Schedule” and you can modify according to the requirements.
How to disable the backup schedule process?
  • Open the Plesk control panel and choose the “Tools & Utilities”. Select the “Backup Manager”.
  • To disable the backup schedule process – select the “Schedule”.
  • Now, you clear up the “Activate this backup task” tag box.
Note: We have described the steps to follow the sequence of backup schedule. It is easy to use and rectify the issue.
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