A Virtualized File System along with a Set of Tools to have each user in its own "Cage" is known as CageFS. This allows the availability of only safe binaries to users while not allows the users to see server configuration files. The installation process is detailed in the following text.

Minimum Requirements to Install CageFS :

Minimum requirements to Install CageFS are CL5 with lve0.8.54 or later CL6 with lve1.2.17.1 or later CL7 Kernel and 7 GB Disk Space. Apart from these, you may also nedd up to 8 MB Space per user in /var directory and 5 to 20 GB in /usr/share directory.

Install cagefs on cpanel :

You should use the following commands to install CageFS -:

$ yum install cagefs
$ /usr/sbin/cagefsctl –init
This Command creates a skeleton directory of around 7 GB. If there is not enough space in /usr/share then you should use the commands given next to place the cagefs-skeleton into a different location -:

$ mkdir /home/cagefs-skeleton
$ ln -s /home/cagefs-skeleton /usr/share/cagefs-skeleton
If you want to place skeleton into /home directory on cPanel servers then you have to configure with the below option:
  • cPanel WHM >> Server Configuration >> Basic cPanel/WHM Setup >> Basic Config >> Additional home directories.
  • Change the value to blank from the not default "home".
If you don't change these options then cPanel automatically create new accounts in wrong places.

3. CageFS automatically detect as well as configure all necessary files for the following -:
  • cPanel
  • DirectAdmin
  • Interworx
  • ISPmanager
  • LiteSpeed
  • MySQL
  • Plesk
  • PostgreSQL
4. To manage CageFS, Web interface is available for cPanel, DirectAdmin, Interworx, ISPmanager and Plesk 10+ while you will have to use command line tool for other control panels.

5. CageFS is disabled for all users by default but after doing the process above, you can start enabling CageFS for users.

Note : If you want to uninstall CageFS then you should properly follow the uninstall instructions.
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