How to Fix the WHM IP Address Missing Issue?

Managing a web hosting account is no easy feat. As a web admin, majority of the time you’ll find yourself working with cPanel or Web Host Manager. cPanel is perfect for almost all routine admin works and that’s why administrators prefer it.

One of the issues you’ll come across is the website not loading issue even when there’s an account for it. This error can be intimidating, but can be solved in multiple ways. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process.

Why this IP-related error occurs?

The primary reason you see this error is because there isn’t any IP assigned to the domain yet. Therefore, when someone types in your website address, or even the cPanel tries to access it, they cannot route it to a particular IP address.

But when you associate an IP with your domain name, cPanel updates the information in multiple files like:

But there are instances where the information gets deleted from these files. Therefore your domain gets unassigned from an IP address. These type of issues include system errors, cPanel updates and upgrades, domain creation updates, etc.

In either case, the website will stop responding to requests and become unavailable. Consequently, the IP address will too get deleted.

Fixing the WHM IP Address Missing Error

There are two ways by which you can solve this error.

  • Configure the files manually
The quick and easiest way to fix this error is to go into each of the files listed above and add the IP address manually. Just before that, you need to ensure that there are no permission related issues that might be plaguing your website. To verify this, navigate to the /etc/trueuserdomains and /etc/userdomains file and confirm they have 640 permission in them. If not, add accordingly check if the errors are fixed.

If not, then add configure the files manually one by one starting with usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf configuration file. Find out the specific config file responsible for the error before editing other files.

  • Recreate the configuration files using Apache scripts
Modifying the files mentioned above can be disastrous at times. This can cause significant damages which can lead to a file system error. In such cases, recreating the files is the best option.

Use the cPanel script “/scripts/rebuildhttpdconf” for this purpose. Now check if the problem is solved.

If not, you might have to regenerate the entire system config files. For this use the cPanel upgrade script “/scripts/upcp” and reset the permission.
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