How to Fix the SMTP Authentication Error 534?

How to Fix the SMTP Authentication Error 534?

SMTP errors are quite common. They negatively impact the email deliverability, and hence are very frustrating. SMTP 534 errors are primarily associated with Gmail accounts. You get this error when trying to send email. In this article learn how to fix the SMTP 534 authentication error.

Why the SMTP Authentication Error 534 Occurs?

As already mentioned, you get this error when sending emails from a Gmail account to another. This error occurs because of a recent Gmail authentication update which Google implemented. As per the update, Google would block all sign-in attempts from any apps or devices that do not adhere to modern security standards. With this, Google keeps your Gmail account safe.

How to Fix the Authentication Error?

You can fix this issue in two steps. Here are those:

Enable Allow Less Secure App

There’s a feature called ‘Allow Less Secure App’ within your Google account. By default, this is disabled to disallow access from apps that are not secure or have fewer security measures. You can enable this feature to fix the error.

So login to your Gmail account and navigate into Security settings. Locate the feature and turn it ON.

But remember, this would give access to all the apps that do not have modern security measures. So it’d make your Gmail account vulnerable. To mitigate the risk, try implementing additional security measures and changing passwords more often than you normally would.

Use application-specific password

The above feature is not available to users who have two-step verification enabled for their Google account. In such cases, you need to generate app-specific password. Then, when setting up ‘Send mail as’ option, you have to provide this password.

You also have to use this password in /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf file to disable the two-step verification feature.

Using app-specific password will resolve the issue.

So that’s how you fix the SMTP Authentication Error 534 in Gmail. For more assistance, contact Google support team or your hosting provider.
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