How to fix Cloudflare 304 not modified error?

How to fix Cloudflare 304 not modified error?

If the requested resource is not retransmitted, you might get the error Cloudflare 304 not modified. This can be a resource of the cached redirection method. The 304 not modified error occurs just because of improper communication between the website server and the user browser. It might lead to a big problem with the content block on your website. So, you must be careful whenever you get the error 304.

Identify the problem whether it is from the client-side or server-side. Kindly follow the below steps one by one:

Step 1: Start clearing the cache data of the browser.

Step 2: Do a Malware scan and do not work on extensions in the browser. So, better disable it without a second option.

Step 3: By flushing the DNS, you have a chance to sort out the problem. Don’t forget to process TCP/IP reset without fail. Maybe! Google Public DNS may help you at the core.

Also, check the address of the DNS whether it is entered correctly or not. If not, try using Google Public DNS to sort out the problem. Just enter the key Win + R in your Windows. You will get the window run so start typing in the command box as “ncpa.cpl”. Tap on “OK”!

The next step will be opening the network connection so, start locating the network connection. Just do right-click and then choose “Properties”.

Do two clicks on “Internet Protocol Version 4” and choose “Use the following DNS server address”. Now, you need to enter two values one for “Alternate -” and another for “Preferred -”.

Tap on the button “OK” and do the system restart now. Work on the website to observe any changes over there. Use macOS to change the settings of the DNS server so, move on to “Apple” and then select “system preferences”. Finally, choose “network”!

By now, you will get open with the window which asks you to choose the connection. Just by following the tab “DNS” tap on “advanced”. Use Google Public IPs to change the new IP address and tap on the icon “+”.

If you haven’t found the redirection that was incorrect in files of server configuration, it's a serious issue.

Based upon the choice of Apache or Nginx, you can process on server configuration files. Kinsta users can’t access the files .htaccess but you have more options too!!
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