How to add dark mode to your WordPress website?

User preference – A good website must have a deep sense of user preference. We don’t know what the expectation of the user is and how to satisfy them for getting requirements from our end. So, it is a must to make everything clear for user convenience especially in WordPress. In this article, we are going to learn about how to bring dark mode in WordPress.

Our website should be adaptable to the user browser right! We are working here to add dark mode to the WordPress website. This is not a big deal since some devices are inherited with the support of dark mode. The design and look & feel should be adaptable to the user browser whatever the version may be. A switcher toggle helps you to append dark mode on the WordPress website. You will be having a question in hand – Where to add dark mode in WordPress? You can add dark mode in both the admin area and frontend too!

Let us start working on this topic:

Usually, the screen in a laptop or mobile emits white light and it may give an inconvenience to the user. We have read in many books and heard more about this white light affects the user eye directly and so, it is required to take preferable measures to reduce the white light. In that case, a WordPress website does a good job to get adaptable with the user browser by reducing the white light emitting from the screen of either laptop or mobile. Nowadays, a night mode is featured in all mobile devices with color tones that don’t affect the user's eye. The website background is configured with a dark color setup. By tapping on the toggle, it is easy to switch dark mode consistency.

For better usage of laptop or computer, we recommend the extension called “Night eye” used in chrome. When you enable the dark mode on the website, the user will automatically have an option for switching the dark mode off or on. You would also feel how the website will look once if you enable dark mode. Don’t worry about the website appearance. It will under your control to monitor the website in dark mode.

For example Some more relevant websites like Instagram, YouTube will have a scheme of dark color which takes the duty effort to show videos with a comfortable view. For the case of frontend, it is for user experience and your convenience enables a dark mode in the admin area too. You will be working at night too!

Adding a dark mode in WordPress website:

Step 1:
Use the plugin, WP dark mode for adding dark mode. Install and activate it without fail.

Step 2: Once if you complete the activation part, search for the option “settings” and from the admin tap on “WP dark mode”.

Step 3: Now, you will be displayed with some tab options. Choose the tab “general settings” to see the settings of a switch on “Enable OS aware dark mode”.

Step 4: Enable OS aware dark mode setting is enabled now so that a user can see the version of a dark mode on the website. It is just for user reference.

Step 5: You can also see another setting enable on “Show floating switch”. This setting is more enough for the user if he fails to enable dark mode. This setting will help to view dark mode without enabling it.

Step 6: Go to Google browser, type your website in the search bar. At the corner of the right bottom, you can see the switch. To add dark mode to the device, just tap on the switch.

Apart from this, there are more options available on WP dark mode. Only the premium user can use all those customizable options and for free plugin users, it is limited in quantity too.

In the WP dark mode settings, choose display settings so that you will be displayed with a floating switching style. Below display settings, there is another option called “style settings” which shows multiple colors in options.

The enabling of dark mode in WordPress ends up here. Don’t forget to save all those changes by clicking “save changes”. For free users, they are allowed to use only 2 colors and 2 floating switch styles. For a premium user, they will have multiple options to choose from based on their requirement also CSS mode customizable is an added advantage.

Let us see how to add dark mode in the admin area of WordPress:

WordPress has a default color mode but it won’t reduce the device emitting white light from the device screen. WP dark mode plugin has broad technology to fix this issue in simple methods.

Step 1: From the WordPress, go to the settings option and tap on WP dark mode. After clicking on the WP dark mode, go to the tab “general settings”.

Step 2: Simply toggle the switched on “Enable backend dark mode” and then save the changes. An admin area shows the switch with two options such as dark and light.

Some WordPress users will add more accounts in WordPress. In that case, they can toggle the switch for the entire website. When it comes to the scheme of admin color, it is not the default one for dark mode. We will prefer to add it along with the previous account.

It is easy to mark by tapping on the option “User” and then profile. There is an option below the admin color scheme. If you switch off the dark mode, it is reliable to see the admin color scheme. If you want to write an article in WordPress, then switch on the dark mode by tapping on the icon present at the left top side.

We are concluding here by saying don’t strain your eyes when you are in front of the device. Have good health and bring your convenience in front using wide technology.
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