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Here’s How to Fix Email deferred due to greylisting Error

As an email user or administrator, you might be receiving dozens or scores of emails every day. But if some of the emails are being deferred, you might be missing out on some vital emails.

Lets’s start with what is Email defer and greylising. Email defer is an instance when the email from a sender is send back to him because the email system marks it as suspicious. Note that the email doesn’t go to the spam folder, instead it is sent back to the sender. They are given a set of recommendation on how to prevent that spam labal and make it safer. This way of handling such emails is called greylisting.

WHM: Email deferred due to Greylisting

If you’re using WHM or WebHost Manager to manage your server, you can check if any emails are deferred because of greylisting. Its a web-based control panel, and hence doesn’t require any coding skills. You can also use it to create accounts, install software, and track resource usage.

So open your WHM and navigate into Mail Delivery Reports. Check the Results column for emails that contain the following:

Deferred due to greylisting.
Host: 'RemoteServerIP'
From: 'remoteemail@remotedomain.tld'
To: 'localemail@localdomain.tld'
SPF: 'unchecked'
There are three reasons why this may happen.
  • You have enabled Greylisting in WHM
  • You haven’t enabled Bypass Greylisting for Hosts that have genuine Valid SPF records
  • The remote server is not listed in Trusted Hosts
Fixing the Error

If you want to receive emails from hosts with Valid SPF records, you need to tweak a few things. Here are a few things you can try:
  • If Greylisting is turned on in WHM, turn it off. The email system will not greylist any email. You may get more spam emails, but you will not miss out on genuine emails too.
  • Next, you can enable Bypass Greylisting for Hosts with Valid SPF Records. This is the preferred solution for remote domains with valid SPF records.
  • Next, you can add the IP address of the remote mail server to the list of Trusted Hosts in WHM. Under Greylisting, navigate to the Trusted Hosts section. Here, you can add the IP address by clicking on the ‘+’ icon.
So that’s how you fix the email deferred due to Greylisting error. If the problem persists, contact the email hosting provider.
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