Email Not Displaying in webmail inbox. How to Fix the Issue in MailEnable?

Email Not Displaying in webmail inbox. How to Fix the Issue in MailEnable?

MailEnable is a webmail for Windows email server. It facilitates emailing and communication at many organizations. But from time to time, admins face errors in both Windows and Linux servers. One of the errors is when some of the emails do not appear in the inbox of MailEnable. You wouldn’t necesssarily know if the sender has send the emails or not. In this article, learn how to fix this issue.

Why Emails do not Appear in Webmail inbox?

When this error occurs, MailEnable server would prevent emails from showing up in Webmail. That’s because the recent versions of WebEnable do not re-index folders on access. So when there are new email messages in the folder that are copied through the file system, you must explicity tell folders that there are new messages. Otherwise, the emails won’t show in the inbox folder.

How to Fix this error?

To fix this error, you must first delete some files from all the email account subfolders like inbox, junk, and sent. The files are index file _folder.xml, _index.xml. Once deleted, simply reload the webmail.

After the files have been deleted, the webmail automatically creates new files to replace them. This allows for the re-indexing that wasn’t possible earlier. As a result, the emails appear in the webmail inbox folder.

You need to perform this operation on mass e-mail accounts. Here are the steps involved for this:
  • Open CMD as administrator
  • Go into this directory:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Mail Enable\Postoffices\domainname\MAILROOT
  • Execute this command:
del /s /q *_index.xml , del /s /q *_folder.xml
  • Reload the webmail
This will re-index the folders and display the new emails.

So that’s how you fix the ‘new email not displaying in webmail inbox’ error. It usually happens with newer versions of MailEnable that aren’t designed to re-index folders on access. For more assistance get in touch with your support team.
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