Do you have 2 reasons for 550 rejection?

Do you have 2 reasons for 550 rejection?

Often you might have seen 550 rejections or 550 bad hello. Behind all the activity, there is only one smart user called spammers. Yes! You would have seen a set of people working to build a building on a construction site. All those people are men who work for a long time. Likewise, spammers use the greeting forgery technique, to check out the anti-spam in its domain. So, servers will assume it is created on its own so that it allows it to give an entry. But a great deal over here is a new server because it finds the real stand of mail comes from within the closed set. It rejects the mail and throws the error “550 REJECTED – Bad HELO”!

Error Message:

550 REJECTED – Bad HELO – Host impersonating [DOMAIN]
The anti-spam measurement of greeting forgery has 2 checks such as the owner.

Forgery in the domain name: It greets incoming mail from the server of the domain.

Forgery in server hostname: If the server has the same name as its server.

Between the server, you could see duplicate records exchanges in the domain. It might be because of the infrastructure of multi-website or website migration.

A website migration brings duplicate records:

There is always a mess whenever website migration takes place. Starting from the deleting files to domain old records, everything is noted by the old server.

The old server has an idea about thinking that it is the hosting but the new server finds out soon that it's the owner. Hoping for the new one now, the new server gives an alert to the old server now. With the greeting, the new server sends the SMTP and now, the old server cross-checks every file and believes it as fake incoming mail.

Just delete traces one by one from the old server /etc/localdomains, /etc/mailhelo, /etc/remotedomains

Use the hostname to separate the mail server and web server:

You know well that it has more clusters within multi-server where VPS runs in web server and mail server in next one. But. they work from the same website so, there is a mess right!

The mail server is connected to the web server by giving a greeting called “Hello! I’m!” Now, the mail server has a confusion to ensure the reality and finds out the fake id.

Hostname changes: One hostname can be given to different users such as a web server has and mail server has

Greeting changes: If you couldn't get hostname changes then try sorting website code with the help of SMTP greeting.

IP sent by whitelist: In the whitelist of the mail server, add the IP of sending server to bypass the anti-spam check.

Over now! Start progressing in 2 steps and make clear of solution for the 2 reasons to throw 505 rejection.
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