usermod command

  1. bhawanisingh

    How to Lock and Unlock user account on CentOS Linux Server ?

    Sometimes you will need to lock an user of an account without suspending the whole account, for some security reason. Ans sometimes we need to unlock an user account which was get locked due to wrong password attempts or account expiry,etc. We can lock or unlock any user account by using two...
  2. bhawanisingh

    How to add/change a user to a group in Linux operating system ?

    Changing the group of a user is quite easy and simple task, but it is not known to every user. In this topic we will tell you the commands through which not only you can add new user to a group but also change existing user's group too. The basic commands used are "useradd" and "usermod"...
  3. J

    Linux usermod command with examples

    usermod command is used to change the attribute of already exist user account. The command useradd is used to create new user in Linux system. for creating a user you can simply write the username after useradd command. In case you need to change the attribute of user than use the usermod...