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    How to enable remote SQL access?

    If you want to access your database remotely then you have to add your public IP Addess to remote database host. You can add your IP address in cpanel with beow steps: Login to cpanel account. Click on “Remote MySQL” under “Databases” section. Here you will find textbox with Host name, you have...
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    A Complete Guide to Repairing Corrupted SQL Database

    SQL is one of the most popular relational databases. If you’re using it to power your website or application, you must have experienced the SQL corruption errors. At times, the server becomes inaccessible due to corrupt files. To resume using it, you need to repair it. As you see in this...
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    Steps to repair .mdf files in SQL database.

    If you want to repair corrupt MDF files then you have to use DBCC (Database console commands) in SQL server management studio. Many DBCC commands are available like DBCC CHECKDB, DBCC DBREPAIR. To resolve this issue you can follow below steps: Open SQL server management studio. Here you will...