Steps to increase email attachment size in MailEnable


Staff member
If you want to attach large file in your email then you have to increase the email attachment size in web.config file of MailEnable. You will find default attachment size is 10240KB in config file.

You have to follow below steps to increase the attachment size of MailEnable:
  • First go to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Mail Enable\Bin\NETWebMail" path and search “web.config” file.
  • Now open that config file with right click and choose “Edit with Notepad++” option.
  • Find below code in your web.config file
httpRuntime maxRequestLength="10240" executionTimeout="3600" requestValidationMode="2.0"
NOTE: You will find all the values are available in MB.
  • Here you have to enter the new attachment size value in “maxRequestLength”. If you want to increase the attachment size to 20 MB then you have to enter 20480 in maxRequestLength.
  • In IIS 7.0 or higher you need to add below lines under “system.webServer” section.
requestlimits maxallowedcontentlength="10240000"
Here you will find maxAllowedContentLength value is available in bytes.
  • So if you want to set it 20MB then you need to change the value of maxAllowedContentLength to 204800000.
  • Now its time to save the file and you will find its option on upper left side of screen.
  • With all above steps email the attachment size is increased, you can check the updated value in your email account.