Steps to create FTP account in Plesk


Staff member
You can create ftp account in plesk easily with this article:
  • Login to Plesk.
  • Click on “Websites & Domains”.
  • Here you will find “FTP Access”, so click on it.
  • Click on “Add New FTP Account” button in Plesk.
  • Now you have to enter below details in your Plesk:
FTP Account Name: <Your FTP account name>
Home Directory: <Enter your path to grant access to FTP account.>
New Password: <Enter your FTP account password>
Confirm Password: <Again enter your FTP account password to confirm>
Hard Disk Quota: <Set quota as per desired limit>
Permissions: <Grant permissions to allow read or write>
  • After that you can see the created FTP account in FTP Accounts list.